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ZBD Project Banner
Zoey Bray Design is my personal brand that was inspired by the purples, blues, and pinks found before the morning sunrise. The goal of this project is to expand/promote my personal brand to potential clients, employers, and industry partners. The components of this project include a logo design, style guide, resume, invoice, fee schedule, business card, note card, brochure, animated logo, animated web banner, and desktop/mobile website prototypes.

For all the components, I researched and sketched design concepts. All vectors, rasters, and text content were provided by me except for the Contact and About images on the site homepage and mockup layouts.
ZBD Branding Board
Personal Brand Mockup

The Process

For the logo, I wanted to utilize the Ys at the end of my first and last name by using a big Y to represent both Y endings. Adobe Illustrator was used to design the logo. InDesign was used to produce the branding board, resume, invoice, fee schedule, note card, business card, and brochure. All InDesign components were printed on a Xerox printer and trimmed with a Guillotine paper cutter.
Outside Personal Brand Brochure
Inside Personal Brand Brochure

Photoshop and Lightroom were used to implement designs into mockups and to edit photography.

Animated Zoey Bray Design Logo in After Effects
Animated Zoey Bray Design Web Banner in After Effects

For the animated projects, I first sketched my ideas on storyboards. Then, I created style frames based on the storyboards in Illustrator. The style frames were then imported into After Effects to be animated. The tools that were mainly used include position, opacity, scale, and track mattes.

After researching other portfolio websites, I sketched wireframes for the site. Then, XD was used to design the desktop and mobile prototypes.

Check out the site prototype on my Behance page!

Personal Brand Website Mockup
Personal Brand Website Linking