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Wakeups Logo
WakeUps is a line of foods and beverages for those 18 years or older, meant to promote positivity and provide a healthier way of getting energy. I designed a rigid can label, drink mix pouch, and a fruit gummy box to practice packaging design, printing and finishing processes, and brand continuity

For all the components, I researched and sketched design concepts. All vectors, rasters, and text content were provided by me except for the Contact and About images on the site homepage and mockup layouts.
Juice Can Mockup
Juice Can Label Design in Illustrator

The Process

All projects were created in Illustrator to specific dimensions.  I used Illustrator to make fruit patterns, text, and other graphic elements besides the images of the actual food. 

I collected images online and used Select and Mask to crop the images from their background in Photoshop. I used rulers to mark where the curve of the can was for the rigid can label. 

I used nutrition label generators and UPC code generators to create more accurate and scannable labels. Once all of the elements were laid out, I created a dye-line cut layer on the fold-able box project in 100% Magenta. Then, I printed off all the projects on a Xerox printer, scored the projects that required scoring, and dye-cut the fold-able box project. I used glue and tape to assemble all of the projects.
Wakeups Strawberry Gummies Mockup
Wakeups Strawberry Gummies Design
Wakeups Blueberry Drink Mix Pouch Mockup
Wakeups Blueberry Drink Mix Pouch Design