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Sacred Heart Catholic Church Logo
Sacred Heart Catholic Church is a site design and development project for a Catholic church, using the web content management system Squarespace. The goal of this project is to help the client to better communicate with members and help others learn more about the church/Catholicism.

Working on multiple teams, I helped to design a logo, favicon, style guide, create three interactive PDFs, create a letterhead for all forms, ensure font and letterhead consistency in all PDFs, choose images for website use, create presets to apply to all website images for continuity, and apply the presets to some of the images on the site.

Check out the live site:
Sacred Heart Catholic Church Site Mockup
Sacred Heart Catholic Church Branding Board
Sacred Heart Catholic Church Favicon

The Graphics Team

For the logo, I sketched some ideas and recreated them in Illustrator. After the graphics team chose the better of the logos, they made adjustments to the logo. A branding board was created. Next, the logo was saved at as an 500px wide PNG file for site use. Then, the imagery for the logo was saved as a 300px PNG file to be used as the favicon. I uploaded all the files to a shared Google Drive file for group use.
Sacred Heart Catholic Church PDF Mockup
Bosco Center Form
Parish Registration Form
Parish Registration Part 2

The PDF Forms Team

For the PDFs, I created the letterhead implementing the logo I used the Buttons and Forms feature in InDesign to create three interactive PDF forms. After two others finished their forms, I went back through each form correcting any errors, changed all fonts to be the same, and added a letterhead to each. Then, I uploaded all the files to Google Drive.
Before Preset Chalice
After Preset Chalice
Before Preset Angel
After Preset Angel

The Image Assets Team

For the images, I researched topics of site pages to determine what photos would be appropriate for each page. Then, I went to royalty free image sites to find said photos. Through Photoshop, I added contrast and blue color balance to create a presets to be applied to all images. All images had to be saved for web and 1500px wide.