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ZBD Project Banner
Black Sheep is a concept rock band for 20-35 year old rock lovers, meant to entertain rock enthusiasts, convey the messages of the band, and bring people together. To promote their debut album, I designed a CD case, concept billboard design, three different sized of web banners, and an animated CD cover.

For all the components, I researched and sketched design concepts. All vectors, rasters, and text content were provided by me except for the Contact and About images on the site homepage and mockup layouts.
Black Sheep CD Cover Mockup
Black Sheep CD Cover Design

The Process

I started this project by researching bands and studying Dance Gavin Dance Album cover art. Then, I began sketching sheep from varying angles. Using the type tool and fish eye warp, I created the logo and secondary logo in Illustrator. Using the rectangle tool, type tool, and rulers in Photoshop, I created the layouts for all of the projects. I drew the sheep from three different angles using brushes in Photoshop. The splatter brush was used to give the designs more dimension. 
I utilized the Timeline window to turn my layers into a GIF for the animated cover. The CD case was exported as a PDF for print. The 160 x 600, 720 x 300, and 970 x 90 web banners were exported an PNGs.
Black Sheep Billboard Mockup
Black Sheep Billboard Design
Black Sheep Web Ad Mockup
720x300 Black Sheep Web Ad
160x600 Black Sheep Web Ad

For the animated projects, I first sketched my ideas on storyboards. Then, I created style frames based on the storyboards in Illustrator. The style frames were then imported into After Effects to be animated. The tools that were mainly used include position, opacity, scale, and track mattes.

Check out my Behance page to see the Black Sheep Animated Album Cover Gif!

White Black Sheep Cover
Black Black Sheep Cover
Black Sheep Gif in Photoshop