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Hey I'm Zoey Bray and I am a Graphic Designer


To Help

I have always known I wanted to help people. When choosing what field to go into, I wanted to pursue a career that allows me to make an impact on people for the better.

As a Graphic Designer, I get to do that by helping people tell their stories to those who need to hear it. It is rewarding to be able to make a difference in the world through my designs.

. . . To Be


From painting, teaching myself art techniques, joining Yearbook, to pursuing a Graphic Communications major, I have had a passion for art and creativity.

Being a Graphic Designer, I get to do what I love everyday: CREATE!

. . . To


All my life, I have always tried to put my best effort into everything that I do. In order to do that, I must always keep learning and relearning to keep improving myself.

Since I am a Graphic Designer, I often seek to learn or relearn ideas, skills, and software so I be the best that I can be. I try to use everyday as an opportunity to learn more about art and design.


Y Not?

Graphic Design requires a variety of skills and qualities to be done well. Being able to tell a story and aid others in doing so. To find inspiration and keep creating. To continue to pursue learning as the world of technology evolves.

I strive to help others, through my passion for creativity, to tell their stories and to keep learning along the way. Graphic Design allows me to do everything I strive to do and be.

So why am I a Graphic Designer? To that I say, Y NOT?